ECM Classika PID: Green Light Not Illuminating

Learn what to do when the water sensor green light is not lighting up when there is water in the reservoir of the ECM Classika PID espresso machine.

The ECM Classika has a water sensor built into the metal water tank guide rail (#30 in the image shown below) which detects whether or not there is water in the tank. If the water sensor is not detecting a sufficient amount of water in the tank, the ECM Classika’s green light will not illuminate. This will make it seem like the machine is not getting power.

If you encounter an issue with your green light not illuminating, please remove the water tank from the machine, fill it to the top, and check that the magnet float is properly oriented with the magnet facing out of the tank toward the sensor.


In some cases, over time the magnet float may begin to get stuck in the plastic guides of the tank and not align with the sensor correctly even if the tank is full. Check to make sure the magnet float has proper movement by turning the tank upside down. If the magnet float gets stuck or does not have proper mobility, you can remove it from the tank and try cleaning it to resolve the issue.

Also be sure to check that the water tank is properly seated in the machine with the tank adapter (#5) fully pressed down into the manifold (#27, #34).

NOTE: That this function with the water sensor and green light is specific to the Classika. Other ECM machines may have the same water sensor, but in those machines the water sensor controls the orange light and autofill function.

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