📹 Espresso Machine Basic Care and Maintenance

Learn the three main things you can do on a regular basis to your machine running smoothly and your coffee tasting good. Topics include water quality, backflushing, and group head maintenance.

The first thing you can do is to make sure you use proper water in your machine. By using quality water you will prevent scale from building up in your machine. Scale buildup will cause a myriad of issues and cost time and money to fix. Our BWT water guide will assist you in selecting the right filter.

The second thing is backflushing and cleaning your portafilter and filter baskets. Backflushing is an important part of routine espresso machine maintenance. This video below covers common questions like what is backflushing, how do I backflush, and how often should I backflush my espresso machine?

  • NOTE: The following information applies to semi-automatic machines that have an automatic backflush cycle.

How and Why to Backflush Your Espresso Machine

The third thing you can do is properly maintain the shower screen and group gasket of your machine's group head. The following video shows how to remove and install the shower screen and group gasket, as well as removal and cleaning tips, shower plate removal and discussion of backflushing frequency.

E61 Group Head Maintenance: Gasket & Shower Screen

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