Gaggia Anima Basic Maintenance and Schedule

Your machine has a tough job and it is going to need some TLC. For full details and descriptions on what to clean and when, we advise referring to the Machine Manual. We have included attachments for the machine manuals below, but here is a basic breakdown you can follow:

  • Water filter change out
    • As directed by the machine
  • Descaling
    • As directed by the machine
  • Brew group basic maintenance
    • Take out and rinse once a week
  • Clean out the brew group area
    • Once a week
  • Steam wand cleaning
    • Wipe down after every use
  • Carafe Cleaning
    • Auto clean after use
    • Deep cleaning once a week
  • Reservoir and drip trays
    • Wash with soap and water once a week.  
  • Wipe down
    • As needed to keep your machine looking great!

Not sure what products you need to keep your machine in good condition? We've got you covered. Here are the standard products that we recommend for cleaning products for your machine.


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