How to Resolve No Flow Error on Gaggia Velasca Prestige

Have Flow But Getting No Flow Error

If your Gaggia Velasca Prestige is able to brew and dispense water but displaying a no flow error message, there may be an issue with the flow meter inside your machine. Refer to the instructions below to test the flow meter in your machine.

In some situations, you will be able to get flow through the machine for all functions, but the machine thinks there is no water flowing through. There is a device in the machine called a flow meter, and it tells the machine when water is flowing through or not. The device operates by having small fan-like blades spin when water passes through it. If those blades get stuck from excessive scale buildup or debris, then they will not spin. As a result, even though water is flowing through the machine, you will get a flow error. To test to see if your flow meter is working properly, follow the instructions listed in the document attached to the end of this document.

If your machine uses a water filter, temporarily remove it from the water tank and add the recommended descaling product to the water tank. The descaler needs to work its way into the system to start dissolving the scale buildup in the flow meter. You may have to keep restarting the machine so that it can keep attempting to prime, which will draw the descaler/water solution into the system. If at any point you are able to clear the flow message then you will want to do an immediate descale of the machine. After you have descaled, run 4-5 tanks of plain water through the hot water function for the wand in order to ensure the system is completely free of debris.


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