How Do you Fix Low or No Steam Pressure on Gaggia Brera?

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Brera is producing little to no steam, or is otherwise struggling to steam.

No Or Little Steam

  • If you are getting no or little steam then there may just be a blockage in the steam circuit.
    • Do the cleanings suggested in the “No Flow From Steam Wand” section of this machine's “Poor Flowing Espresso Shots Or No Flow From Steam Wand” article that discusses steam wand blockages.
  • Check the steam knob to make sure it is correctly positioned.
    • If the knob spins in place and doesn't reach a stopping point then the knob may be broken, or something is disconnected in the steam valve assembly.
  • Make sure to give the machine sufficient time to heat up.
    • Even a machine that uses a rapid steam boiler will still take thirty seconds to a minute to be fully heated.
  • Make sure that you are purging the steam line before frothing.
    • Purging is an important process for any machine that has a steam wand. Since the steam leaving the boiler hits the cold room temperature wand it is going to condense back into water. Wait until there is mostly steam coming out of the wand and then close the knob. You are now ready to steam with the machine now that the line has been purged.
  • If the cleanings haven't worked and there is still no steam then the machine may have a bad thermostat and it will require a repair.
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