How to Resolve No Water Flow At All From The Group on Profitec Pro 300

Troubleshoot no water flow at all from Profitec Pro 300 group.

I Have No Water Flow At All From The Group

If you have no water flowing from the group of your Profitec Pro 300, the flow may be impeded by a water softener or other impediment in your water line. Refer to the instructions below on how to determine the cause of your flow issues.

  • Are you using a water softener? Remove it so you can test water flow without it.
    • Make sure it is not floating and sucking in air.
    • If old, replace it.
  • Flip the toggle switch, can you hear the pump? If the pump is not activating then it could be an issue where the machine is not sensing that the tank is in the machine, or the water tank is empty. The pump may also be faulty or the pump needs to be primed.
  • If the pump is functional does it sound as if it is under pressure? If the pump sounds as if it is under pressure this may be a result of the brew solenoid being plugged. The brew solenoid will be found attached to the side of the group inside the machine. This can be taken apart and inspected to make sure there is not scale or debris blocking the channels that water passes through. You can also remove and clean the inside components of the solenoid.
  • If the solenoid is clear of debris the shower screen and gasket should be removed and inspected. Is the shower screen filled with old coffee and is blocking flow? The dispersion plate can also be removed from the group head and the channel for the group can be seen to make sure that no visible blockage is present.
  • If no signs are clear as to why there is not flow from the group then professional service is recommended.
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