📹 How to Resolve No Steam Coming Out when the Steam Knob is Opened on Profitec Pro 300

Troubleshoot no steam coming when steam knob is opened on Profitec Pro 300.

There Is No Steam Coming Out when I Open the Steam Knob

If there is no steam coming out of the steam wand on your Profitec Pro 300, there may be something obstructing it. Follow the steps below to determine why your machine is not able to produce steam and how to correct it.

  • Verify that the machine has been on long enough and that there is steam pressure built up within the machine. Inspect the steam gauge and make sure that there is steam pressure displaying there.
  • Also make sure that the steam switch on the front of the machine has been flipped on, if it has not then the machine will not heat the steam boiler. If it has and there is no heat for the steam boiler then it could be an issue with the toggle switch itself for the steam function.
  • If steam pressure is being displayed but no steam comes out when the valve is opened, remove the steam tip and open the valve and see if steam comes out. If steam does come out then clean the tip. It may have become blocked off by debris or old milk.
  • If steam does not come out there could be a blockage of the valve. Remove the top of the machine and with the machine off and the boiler depressurized, remove the copper line off the back of the valve. Inspect to see if there is a clear blockage of the valve with either debris or scale either in the back of the valve, or the copper pipe. If there is not then it could be a block on the boiler side of the machine. Take the top off of the machine and locate the copper pipe that runs from the back of the steam valve to a brass “T” that screws into the top of the steam boiler. This copper tube can be removed and the pipe and the opening of the “T” can be inspected for a blockage.
  • The steam boiler may also not be heating at all and will not build steam pressure, This could be due to a bad control board, bad stats (you can attempt to reset these to see if there is a change), bad pressurestat, or bad steam element. All of these would either have to be inspected for any loose wires or damage, if nothing can be seen visually then these components will need to be tested with a meter.

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