📹 How to Resolve Pump Running Continuously when Profitec Pro 300 Is Turned On

Troubleshoot Profitec Pro 300 pump running continuously. 

The Pump Runs Continuously when Machine Is Turned On

If the pump runs continuously on your Profitec Pro 300, there may be an issue that is preventing water from being drawn into the boiler. Refer to the steps below to determine if this is happening to your machine and how to fix it.

  • Inspect the level in the tank, is the water level going down at all? If it is not and the pump sounds a bit loud it is likely that the machine is not drawing in water from the tank. The intake line coming off the socket should be inspected to ensure it is not kinked and the pump may also need to be primed. For instructions on priming the pump, refer to the video below.

  • It is possible that there is a blockage in, or zero activation of the intake solenoid. A sign of this is that the machine’s pump will sound as if it is under pressure and the water level in the tank would not be going down. This would be due to the water having nowhere to go. The solenoid should be taken apart and inspected and cleaned for any build up or blockages. Professional repair is recommended.
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