Profitec Pro 800: No Flow At All

Troubleshoot no flow at all on Profitec Pro 800.

No Flow At All

If your Profitec Pro 800 is producing no water flow at all, there may be several causes depending on whether you are using the water reservoir, or have plumbed the machine to a water line. Refer to the steps below to diagnose and resolve your issue.

If the machine is set to the plumbed mode:

  1. First try switching to reservoir mode temporarily and see if this resolves the issue. If it does, then the issue is limited to the plumb line and you should go to the next step. Otherwise keep the machine in reservoir mode and skip down to the next section which deals with testing no flow in reservoir mode.
  2. Return the machine to plumb mode. The next thing to check is to see if we can isolate where the flow issue is occurring for the plumb line. Try putting the plumb line hosing into an external bucket or container filled with water and see if the machine will draw water from this source. If it can't then there may be a blockage somewhere in the plumb line itself.
  3. If you are able to draw water from the plumb line, then there may be an issue with the plumbing supplying this line.

If the machine is set to use the reservoir:

  1. If the pump does not sound like it is activating:
    • Check to make sure the water tank is filled and the machine isn't indicating that the water tank is empty.
      • If the tank is empty, refill it.
      • If the tank is full, but the machine thinks the water tank is empty then the tank may not be seated correctly. Make sure there isn't anything blocking the tank from sitting flush inside the machine. Use of R/O, distilled, and zero waters will cause this sensor to malfunction, resulting in the machine thinking there is no water causing the pump not to activate.
    • Remove the cover of the machine and check for any loose or disconnected wires.
      • There may be an issue with the water tank sensor.
        • Remove the drip tray from the front and make sure the plumb switch is turned off.
        • Remove the reservoir and make sure the float magnet is facing the sensor. Magnet on the float should be facing the back left corner of the tank.
        • Check to make sure the wire for the water level sensor isn't loose/disconnected.
      • There may be an issue with the pump powering on. Check to make sure the pump doesn't have any loose/disconnected wires.
  2. If the pump does sound like it is activating make sure the plumb valve and the plumb switch are both set in the correct position. If they are set in opposite positions then the pump will activate, but water won't be able to come through the machine.
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