📹 Profitec Pro 800: No Steam From Wand or No Hot Water From Tap

Troubleshoot no steam from wand and/or no hot water from tap on Profitec Pro 800.

No Steam From Wand / No Hot Water From Tap

If there is no water or steam flowing form the steam/water wands on your Profitec Pro 800, refer to the instructions below to help determine the cause of the issue and how to resolve it.

  1. Check the brew function on the machine and see if water is able to flow through the machine for this function.
  2. Check the hot water function of the machine. If you are able to draw hot water then the steam boiler must be pressurizing and heating, because hot water is expelled from the machine by steam pressure.
    • Remove the tip from the steam wand and test the flow. If flow is restored then the tip needs to be cleaned and reattached.
    • If the flow is still blocked then there may be a blockage in the steam wand itself. Clean the wand by using a pipe brush that has synthetic or plastic bristles; metal bristles can damage the wand. Then soak the wand in a solution of hot water and backflushing powder for ten minutes. Test flow again.
    • If there still isn't flow then there may be a blockage farther back in the steam circuit. The machine may need to be professionally cleaned to remove the blockage.
  3. If the machine is spewing a lot of steam from the top as it is heating up then the vacuum relief valve may be stuck open. This valve is supposed to close once the machine produces enough steam pressure.

  • Unplug the machine and make sure it is cooled down. Remove the cover of the machine.
  • Once the cover is removed the top of the vacuum relief valve will need to be removed. The vacuum relief valve is on top of the boiler.
  • Because the vacuum relief valve is thread-bonded into the boiler it will be easier to just remove the top of the valve, like shown in the photo below. This can be done with a socket wrench, or an open ended wrench. The relief valve will have two nuts, a thicker nut on top and a thinner nut on the bottom. Unscrew the thicker top nut.
  • You will be able to access the internal valve components now. The separate valve components will look like on the right.

The vacuum relief is circled.

Relief valve with top removed.

Vacuum Relief Parts

The video below discusses what these valve components do and how to clean them.

The high-limit resets are circled in red.

The high limit switch may be tripped. The high limit switch is an internal killswitch which prevents damage to the machine caused by power surges or the machine overheating.

  • Unplug the machine and make sure it is cooled down. Remove the cover of the machine.
  • Once the cover is removed look at the left hand side of the machine and you will find the electrical connections for the boiler. The high limit switches are the two white cylinders with the black push button in the center.
  • Reset the switches by pressing on the button on each switch several times. The switch will not click or signal it has been reset, but the act of pressing it several times will reset it.
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