📹 How to Resolve No Steam Coming Out After Opening the Steam Knob on an ECM Casa V

Troubleshoot absence of steam after opening an ECM Casa V steam knob.

There is no steam coming out when I open the steam knob

If you're trying to use your ECM Casa V, but the steam wand won't produce steam when you open the steam knob, review the following instructions to resolve the issue.

  • Make sure that the steam button has been pushed down, does the light for the steam function come on? Does it ever switch off when getting to temp? If the light does not come on, or it does not switch off it could be a result of a bad steam switch, bad steam stat, bad safety stat, or a disconnected wire.
  • If the light comes on and off reaching steam temp, take the tip off the wand and open the valve, if steam comes out then the issue is likely old milk blocking off the steam holes. Clean the tip.
  • If the steam tip is off and nothing comes out there may be a blockage in the steam pipe either from the valve to the wand, or from the valve to the boiler.

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