๐Ÿ“น How to Troubleshoot OPV Leaking or OPV with Water Running Out of it on an ECM Elektronika II

Resolve OPV Leaking or Running Out on an ECM Elektronika II.

My OPV is leaking/ water is running out of it

If you find that the OPV on your ECM Elektronika II is leaking, or that water is running from the valve, read the following instructions to resolve the issue.

  • If the machine is fully heated and still leaking consistently or water is just pouring out of it, push on the continuous volumetric button selection (โ€œ:* โ€ on the button panel) and listen for a โ€œclickโ€ from the intake solenoid. Definitely do this if the water dripping out becomes steam, and steam is pouring out of the drain.
  • With no portafilter in place, press the volumetric button. If no flow out of the group head is present and water is flowing from the drain, remove the top of the group head and inspect the jet for a blockage.
  • If water is just running through out of the discharge and the pump is constantly running, a blockage may be present on the intake line into the boiler. This can be removed and inspected, or the machine will need to be sent in for repair/ hydraulic system descale.

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