📹 Gaggia Velasca: Frothing Issues

Learn what to do if you're having difficulty frothing milk with your Gaggia Velasca, including how to froth milk with a Pannarello wand, how to correct frothing problems, and how to conduct a steam test.

Difficulty Frothing

If you are having trouble frothing milk with your Gaggia Velasca, we’ve linked several helpful videos below to point you in the right direction and help you produce quality frothed milk for drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

As with brewing, frothing is highly dependent on technique. If the machine is producing steam then an adjustment to technique may need to be made. Frothing is very sensitive to technique, so there is a steep learning curve. The video below shows proper frothing technique for pannarello style wands:

How to Froth Milk with a Pannarello Wand

There are also common frothing mistakes which are made that will result in poor or no froth. The video below identifies these mistakes and shows how to correct them:


Quick Tip: Six Common Milk Frothing Mistakes

This machine also utilizes a special nozzle attachment called a pannarello. The pannarello nozzle needs to be regularly cleaned and properly attached to the machine in order to function. This machine uses a 3-piece style of pannarello instead of the normal 6-piece style.

The video below describes how to properly clean and maintain this three piece style of wand. Please note that while a different machine is featured in the video, it utilizes the same kind of wand so the process will be similar:

How to Correct Frothing Problems and Steam Test a Gaggia Brera

Alternatively you can try frothing on the machine without the pannarello attachment. The naked wand can also produce a tight microfoam, and is preferred by some users. The major disadvantage of frothing with the naked wand is that it reduces the length of the steam wand by several inches.

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