📹 Gaggia Classic Pro: Machine is Leaking

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Classic Pro is leaking.

Machine Is Leaking

Was the machine exposed to freezing temperatures?

  • If no, Move on to the next question.
  • If yes, Was the water drained from the boiler before storage?
    • If yes, move on to the next question.
    • If no, Check to see if the boiler is cracked.
      1. In the rear of the machine, use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the two screws in the black plastic cover.
      2. Lift off the housing. The black plastic and stainless steel are attached and will come off in one piece. A crack in the boiler will be very noticeable.
    • If it is not cracked, move on to the next question.
    • If it is cracked: your boiler will need to be removed and replaced. The video below provides a tutorial on how to clean and rebuild a Gaggia aluminum boiler.

How To Clean and Rebuild a Gaggia Aluminum Boiler

Where is the water leaking from the machine? Is it leaking from the back of the machine?

  • If yes, make sure both tubes are inside the water tank, instead of behind it. This is visible from the front of the machine.
  • If no, contact customer service.
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