📹 Gaggia Classic Pro: No Water Flow

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Classic Pro is not dispensing water through the group head or the steam wand, or is unable to brew or steam.

Machine Has No Water Flow

If you press all three buttons on the front of the machine into the down position and open the steam wand, does water come out of the steam wand?

  • If no, the pump needs to be manually primed. The video below shows how to do this.

How to Prime a Gaggia Classic

If priming the pump did not solve the problem, can you hear the pump?

  • If yes, proceed to the next step.
  • If no, the pump has failed and needs to be replaced. The video below shows how to do this.

How To Replace the Pump on a Gaggia Classic

Does water flow through the group head with the portafilter removed?

  • If yes, make adjustments to grind and/or tamp.
  • If no, try another filter basket in the portafilter.
    • The hole in the bottom of the pressurized filter basket may be clogged. Boil the basket or soak it in descaler, then try again.
    • The pressurized filter basket may be missing the layer of mesh that goes in the bottom.
    • Clean the group head. The link attached at the end of this article titled "Classic Grouphead Cleaning", as well as the video below also show how to do this.

How to Clean a Gaggia Classic Group Head

    • If the problem persists, clean the solenoid valve by following the instructions listed in the document attached at the end of this article titled "How To Clean Replace Gaggia Solenoid," or in the video below.

Gaggia Classic Pro: How to Clean 3 Way Solenoid Valve

    • If NO WATER comes out of the steam arm, and NO WATER comes through the group head, but you DO get water out of the decompression duct (the pipe on the front of the machine) then it is time to replace the solenoid valve.
    • If the problem still persists, it may be necessary to clean and rebuild the boiler. The following video shows how to clean and rebuild an aluminum boiler.

How to Clean and Rebuild a Gaggia Aluminum Boiler

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