How to Resolve Power Issues or Popping GFCI on the Bezzera Matrix MN

Troubleshooting power issues or popping GFCI on the Bezzera Matrix MN.

My Machine Has No Power, Pops GFCI

NOTE: Prosumers should be on a dedicated 15 amp circuit that is not being shared with other appliances. By default, the brew boiler should heat first and the steam boiler should heat second.

  • Is the green light on in the front of the machine when the power switch is flipped? This green light represents that the machine has power.
    • If the green light is not illuminated this could indicate an issue with the outlet, the power cord, or the on switch.
    • If the green light is on, is the PID on?
      • If the PID is not on, this means that power is not being supplied to the rest of the machine. Make sure the water tank is full and sitting properly within the reservoir support.
        • If the tank is in place with enough water inside, testing the magnet sensor for the tank would be the first and easiest place to start.
          • Remove the tank and have a magnet handy. Standing in front of the machine and looking down at the reservoir support, there is a black sensor, on the left hand side, about halfway down. Hold the magnet over that sensor and see if the PID comes on.
            • If it does, then inspect the magnet in the tank. The magnet may have come out of where it sits and would need to be put back. The cap that holds the magnet in place should be flush with the channel that the magnet sits in. If the cap is pushed down too far or has popped upward, it will change where the magnet sits and the sensor may be unable to sense the magnet. Adjust the cap if necessary. Replace the water tank back into the reservoir support.
  • No. Try testing another appliance on the same outlet. Does this appliance have power?
    • If Yes, we recommend having the machine serviced by a tech.
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