📹 Gaggia Babila: Froth Milk Better with the Steam Wand

Learn what to do when your Gaggia Babila has steam wand frothing issues such as poor pressure or low pressure.

Difficulty Frothing

If you're having trouble frothing with the steam wand or milk carafe on your Gaggia Babila, review the instructions below. In this article, you will find solutions for clearing blockages in the steam wand, guides for frothing properly using a manual steam wand, and best practices for carafe maintenance. If your carafe is spitting milk or isn't producing foam, we have tips for that, too.

Wand Frothing Issues

If the machine has little to no steam flow through the steam wand, refer to the article on clearing blockages to the steam wand to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise, an adjustment to frothing technique needs to be made. When manually frothing, technique is key. Tight microfoam will not be accomplished if the proper technique is not followed. The video below shows how to properly froth with a manual style wand:

There are also some common mistakes made when manually frothing that should be avoided. The video below gives further details:

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