📹 How to Resolve No Beans Light on Gaggia Brera

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Brera is incorrectly telling you that there are no beans in the hopper, or if the grinder has become blocked or jammed and won't grind.

No Beans Light/Grinder On But Not Grinding

The grinder may be blocked. This typically happens if beans are being used that are not compatible with the machine. The Brera does not accept oily, caramelized, or flavored beans.

Use of these beans can cause permanent damage to the machine that is not covered under warranty. These beans can be identified easily. They will be shiny and feel slippery or sticky. Dry beans that are appropriate for the machine will look dull and feel rough.

  1. Follow the cleaning and calibration instructions in the video below.
  2. After reassembling the machine according to the instructions in the video, DO NOT add beans in.
      • Before adding beans, make sure the grinder adjustment knob is set to the coarsest setting.
  3. Add beans back into the machine.
      • The beans must be dry; do not add oily beans back into the unit.
  4. If this clears the alarm light and shots are pulling successfully on this grind setting, then you can move the grind back to the original setting.
      • Only move the knob slightly each time, brewing a shot in between each adjustment.

How To Clean and Calibrate the Grinder on a Gaggia Brera

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