Profitec Pro T64: Correct Coarse or Inconsistent Grinds

Learn what to do if you get inconsistent or course grinds from your Profitec Pro T64.

How to Resolve Coarse or Inconsistent Grinds on the Profitec Pro T64

If the ground coffee produced by your Profitec Pro T64 is too coarse or is inconsistent, then the grinder may have fallen out of calibration or the burrs are impacted with oils and grounds. Refer to the guide below to determine how to restore your grinder to working order.

  • If the machine is on a fine setting and the grinds are still coarse, or if the machine is producing grinds of all different sizes, then the grinder is out of calibration or needs to be cleaned. Refer to this machine's "Clean and Calibrate" article for instructions.
  • Oily, caramelized, or flavored beans can cake up on the burrs and push them out of calibration, so these beans should be avoided.
    • Additionally adjustments to the grind fineness should only be made while the grinder is running. Moving the burrs closer together for a fine grind will cause them to press against any bean fragments or grinds already in the grinder.
      • If the burrs are moving, those fragments get ground up and brushed aside.
      • If the burrs aren't moving, then they will press into those fragments and cause the burr to get pushed out of alignment.
  • If the grinder is older, or if something was put through the grinder that is not meant to be put in it, the burrs may be worn out. If cleaning and calibrating the grinder is not resolving the behavior then it may be time to replace the burrs.
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