Why does my Profitec Pro 300 have No Power, and/or Pops GFCI?

Troubleshoot why your Profitec Pro 300 has no power or is popping GFCI.

My Machine Has No Power, Pops GFCI

If your Profitec Pro 300 has no power or is popping your GFCI outlet, it may be one of a few things. Refer to the steps below to determine why your machine isnโ€™t powering on or tripping your outlet.

Is the machine plugged in to a GFCI outlet?

  • If Yes, make sure the machine is off and unplugged. On the bottom of the machine, you will see a metal plate being held in by four 3 mm bolts. Remove this plate and you will have access to the element of the steam boiler. Remove the two connectors from the element. At this point plug in the machine and flip the power switch. If the machine turns on, the element is more than likely faulty.
  • If No, try testing another appliance on the same outlet. Does this appliance have power?
    • If Yes, we recommend having the machine serviced by a tech.
    • If No, then the problem is your outlet.
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