Gaggia Cadorna Milk: No Steam or E15 Error Code

Learn what to do if your Gaggia Cadorna Milk is not producing steam, has difficulty steaming, or is showing an E15 error code on the display.

No Steam Or E15 Error

  • If you are getting little to no steam, then there may be a blockage in the steam circuit.
    • Do the cleanings suggested in this machine's “No Flow From Steam Wand” article that discusses steam wand blockages.
  • Make sure to give the machine sufficient time to heat up.
    • Even a machine that uses a rapid steam boiler will still take between 30 seconds and 1 minute to be fully heated.
  • Make sure that you are purging the steam line before frothing.
    • Purging is an important process for any machine that has a steam wand. The wand is room temperature, or even cold, which will cause any steam leaving the steam arm to condense back into water. Wait until there is mostly steam coming out of the wand and then stop the steam function. Now that the line has been purged, you are ready to steam. Reactivate the steam function and begin frothing.
  • If the machine gets stuck on the steam loading screen and the thermostat symbol never moves, then the machine has a broken thermostat and will require a repair.
  • If temperatures are not hot enough for the carafe there are a few things to try.
    • The carafe may in fact be operating properly. The carafe was designed for use with a room temperature boxed milk. The machine is programmed to produce a temperature rise of 50-70 F°. Typical ending temperatures are around 125-135 F°. However, this is completely dependent on the starting temperature of the milk being used. If the milk is stored in a very cold refrigerator (e.g. a 33 F° refrigerator) the resulting temperature will only be about 100-110 F°. For hotter milk drinks, start with warmer milk, either by leaving it out for a little bit before making your beverage, or putting the milk in the microwave for about 10 seconds prior to adding it to the milk carafe.
    • There are a few programming options which can be changed in order to increase the amount of steam that is injected into the carafe during frothing. Make sure the milk drink options are programmed to the highest temperature. This will also help to set the foam and milk options to max.
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