How to Resolve Group Head Not Flushing When the Brew Lever is Pushed Down on the Profitec Pro 700

Troubleshoot group head not flushing on Profitec Pro 700.

My group head won't flush when I put the lever down

If the group head on your Profitec Pro 700 won’t flush when you pull the lever down, there may be an issue with the actuator valve. Refer to the instructions below on how to resolve this issue.

  • Move the lever up and down and see if resistance is felt in any direction from the cam moving between actuators (valves). If it will not drain, and not much resistance is felt, remove the bottom of the E61 group head and inspect the actuators. They may be broken, or ground down from poor maintenance that the cam does not make contact with the top of the actuator.
  • Remove cam and inspect for flat spots. If the cam is ground down it may not be making contact with the actuator.
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