📹 How To Troubleshoot No Water Coming Out of Valve on an ECM Casa V

Troubleshoot lack of water from valve on an ECM Casa V.

There is no water coming out when I open the water valve

If you're trying to dispense hot water with your ECM Casa V, but no steam water is coming out when you open the hot water valve, review the following instructions to resolve the issue.

  • Hot water and steam both come out of the same valve in this machine. When you press on the brew button on the machine do you hear the pump come on? If you do not it could be an issue with either the pump needing to be prime, a Wire coming off of the pump, a blockage, the pump switch has failed, wire may have come off the pump switch, or the pump has failed.
  • If you hear the pump but it sounds like it is under pressure, take off the tip of the wand and open the valve. If water flow is restored the steam tip is likely blocked up by old milk and should be cleaned.
  • If you open the valve and no water flow comes out, and the pump is running, this could be the result of a block in the hydraulic system preventing water flow.

How to Diagnose Hot Water and Steam System Obstructions

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