ECM Elektronika II Profi: Loud Rotary Pump

Learn what to do if the rotary pump is louder than normal in an ECM Elektronika II Profi espresso machine.

Is the machine plumbed in?

  • Yes. Move on to the next question.
  • No. The rotary pump is designed to have water pressure build up against it. If it is drawing water out of a bucket, it may be slightly louder than if it were plumbed in. This is normal.
  • No. You can try raising the water source to be level or higher than the machine. For example, if you have the line going into a bucket, put it on the counter instead of the floor.

Is the pump drawing water?

  • If no, water is being drawn the pump will be louder. Try priming the machine if water is not being drawn in.

Inspect the area around the pump

  • Make sure nothing is touching and vibrating off the pump to make it appear as loud.

Inspect the nuts on the underside of the machine to ensure they are tight, but not too tight.

  • If the nuts are loose it will cause the pump motor to be loud from movement.
  • If you tighten the nuts and tighten them too much it will cause the pump to be loud due to not being able to adequately absorb the vibration, or the mount will rip.
  • During prep, we use a metal zip-tie to strap down the pumps to prevent them from movement during shipping so that components do not get damaged. If this is a new machine, it is possible that you have not removed the metal tie, which will cause the pump to run louder than normal.
  • If there are no visible signs of anything being loose, the pump is drawing water, and the machine is functioning fine but the pump is too loud, the bearings within the pump may be failing due to wear and tear, etc. Replace.
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