📹 How to Troubleshoot Group Head Not Flushing When Putting the Lever Down on the ECM Elektronika II

Troubleshoot group head not flushing on the ECM Elektronika II.

My group head won't flush when I put the lever down

If the grouphead on your ECM Elektronika II won't flush when you stop brewing or when you push the brew lever down, review the following to resolve the issue.

  • Remove the bottom discharge nut on the group head, this will allow you to slide off the front shield of the group head. When the shield is removed you will have access to the solenoid valve that attaches to the group head. The solenoid valve may have become blocked by debris or scale, or is seized. Remove the solenoid valve from the group head and open the valve, inspect and clean the internals. The passageways on the solenoid and on the group head where the solenoid meets with the group should also be inspected to make sure they are clean and clear, with no build up.
  • Remove cam and inspect for flat spots. If the cam is ground down it may not be making contact with the actuator.

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