Bezzera Matrix DE: Steam or Hot Water Wand Flow Issues

Learn what to do when experiencing flow issues with the steam wand or hot water tap on a Bezzera Matrix DE espresso machine.

  1. If either wand is leaking from the end of the wand, it means the steam/hot water valve is not fully closed.
      • Make sure the knob is securely in the closed position.
      • If the knob feels loose, or doesn't appear to be properly engaging, then there may be a loose or broken part in the knob assembly.
      • Descale the machine. Scale buildup inside of the steam/hot water valves will prevent the valves from closing fully.
      • If the leaking persists, then the corresponding valve may need to be replaced.
  2. If the wand is leaking between the tip and the arm of the wand during use, there is an O-ring that is broken, missing, or out of position. Remove the tip on the wand that is leaking. Both the steam wand and hot water wand will have an O-ring between the tip and the wand. Inspect the O-ring to make sure it is clean. Replace the O-ring if it is damaged or broken. The hot water tip disassembles further. The top and bottom halves of the tip can be unscrewed. If leaking is coming from between these two halves, then the O-ring between them may need to be cleaned/replaced.
  3. If the wand is leaking from the ball joint, then there may be an O-ring that is worn out or out of position.
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