Rocket Espresso Appartamento: Portafilter Not Fitting

Learn what to do when the portafilter will not fit on a Rocket Espresso Appartamento espresso machine. 

  • On all new machines, the portafilter may or may not fit perpendicular to the machine. This is perfectly normal. This is because the group head gasket requires time to wear in before this can happen. As long as you can get the portafilter hand tight onto the machine and brew without leaking, then the machine is operating properly.
  • Too much coffee may be dosed into the portafilter. If there is too much coffee in the portafilter, it can press into the shower screen and prevent the portafilter tightening all the way. Reduce the amount of coffee in the portafilter and try again. If you see an indentation from the shower screen in the grounds, then you’ve added too much.
  • Check the filter baskets for dings, dents, or any sort of warping. A filter basket that is malformed can prevent the filter basket from sealing up against the group gasket.
  • The group gasket has slipped out of place or needs replacing. Please refer to this machine’s “Machine Leaking” article which discusses gasket issues for further instructions.
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