📹 How to Resolve Steam Issues on the Bezzera Strega

Troubleshoot steam issues on the Bezzera Strega by following the tips below.

No Steam From Wand or No Hot Water From Hot Water Tap

  • Check the brew function on the machine and see if water is able to flow through the machine for this function.
    • If the brew water is not flowing, refer to this machine's "No Water Flow at All" article.
    • If the brew water flows but is not hot, refer to this machine's "Not Heating" article.
  • If there's no hot water from the hot water tap, check the steam function of the machine. If you are able to draw steam from the steam wand then the steam boiler must be pressurizing and heating.
  • If there's no steam from the steam wand, check the hot water function of the machine. If you are able to draw hot water then the steam boiler must be pressurizing and heating, because hot water is expelled from the machine by steam pressure.
  • Check the steam gauge of the machine. Does it show pressure? Typical range for the steam gauge should be 1-1.2 Bar.
    • If the gauge is within the 1-1.2 Bar range, then the steam wand is likely blocked.
      • Remove the tip from the steam wand and test the flow. If flow is restored, then the tip needs to be cleaned and reattached.
      • If the flow is still blocked, then there may be a blockage in the steam wand itself. Clean the wand by using a pipe brush that has synthetic or plastic bristles; metal bristles can damage the wand. Then soak the wand in a solution of hot water and backflushing powder for ten minutes. Test flow again.
      • If there still isn't flow, then there may be a blockage farther back in the steam circuit. The machine may need to be professionally cleaned to remove the blockage.

How to Diagnose Hot Water and Steam System Obstructions

    • If the gauge is not reaching 1-1.2 Bar, but it is pressurizing some, then the steam pressure-stat may just need to be adjusted.
      • When adjusting the pressure-stat, only slight adjustments should be made. Small adjustments will make a large difference in the pressure.

How To Adjust the Pressure-stat

    • If adjusting the pressure-stat the first time did not raise the pressure, try adjusting it a few more times. If the pressure is still not rising after several adjustments then the pressure-stat is likely broken and will need to be replaced.
    • If the gauge sometimes reaches 1-1.2 Bar, but flicks around a lot or randomly drops to zero, or is always sitting at zero, then the steam boiler is not building pressure for some reason.
      • If the machine is spewing a lot of steam from the top as it is heating up, then the vacuum relief valve may be stuck open. This valve is supposed to close once the machine produces enough steam pressure. The video on the right shows how to clean or replace a vacuum relief valve. A different machine is used in the video, but the process will be the same.

Vacuum Relief Tear Down Instructions

    • The high limit switch may be tripped. The high limit switch is an internal kill-switch which prevents damage to the machine caused by power surges or the machine overheating.
    • While the machine is open for resetting the high limit switch, check to make sure the wiring to the pressure-stat isn't loose or disconnected. Reconnect the wires and see if the steam circuit pressurizes properly.
    • If there weren't any disconnected wires, then the pressure-stat will need to be replaced.


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