📹 Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus: How to Descale

Learn how to descale the Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus.


Regular descaling of your Expobar Office Lever or Office Lever Plus espresso machine is an essential part of maintenance that will help to ensure its longevity. This article includes a helpful video that covers how to properly descale a heat exchanger espresso machine.

Single boiler heat exchange machines can be descaled by the consumer. Since descaling is not the primary cleaning method for prosumer-style machines it does not need to be done frequently. Descaling can be done on a 3-4 month basis, or whenever the machine starts to display flow issues. If hard water is being used in the machine, or the machine gets heavy usage, the machine may need to be descaled more frequently. The video below describes the process for descaling a single boiler heat-exchange machine.

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