📹 Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus: Clean and Lubricate Steam and Hot Water Valves

Learn how to clean steam and hot water valves on the Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus.

How to Remove, Clean and Lubricate Your Steam and Hot Water Valves

Removing, cleaning and lubricating your valves can be a quick fix for a leaky or sticky valve and is an essential part of properly maintaining your Expobar Office Lever or Office Lever Plus espresso machine. You will be required to remove the housing from your machine. Watch this video to learn how to rebuild the steam and hot water taps (valves) of the Expobar Brewtus and Lever espresso machines.

DISCLAIMER: Do NOT use any chemical cleaning products. This can strip the chrome plating from the valve. Soap and hot water will be sufficient for cleaning the valve.

Once you’ve sufficiently cleaned and lubricated the valve, you can reassemble to finish the process.

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