How to Resolve Leaking from the Group Head on the Bezzera Matrix DE

Resolve leaking from the group head on the Bezzera Matrix DE from home.

Leaking from the Group Head

If leaking is coming from the top of the group head, then there may be a loose component or a worn seal.

  1. First unplug the machine and let it cool down. The grouphead is actively heated, so sufficient time needs to be given for it to cool down in order to safely disassemble it.
  2. Check to see where the leaking is coming from.
  3. If the leaking is coming from between the upper plate and the bottom plate, then the three Allen screws may be loose, or there may be a bad gasket.
      • First try tightening the three Allen screws down.
      • If tightening the screws does not resolve the leak then the gasket may be broken or dirty. Remove the screws; the group assembly will come off once these screws are removed.
      • Separate the two plates; the gasket will be between them. Make sure it is clean and not damaged or broken. Replace the gasket if necessary.
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