Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus: Replace the Group Gasket and Shower Screen

Learn how to replace Expobar Office Lever and Office Lever Plus group gasket and shower screen.


If the grouphead on your Expobar Office Lever or Office Lever Plus espresso machine is leaking or not forming a proper seal with your portafilter, you may need to replace the group gasket. Read on to learn how to resolve this issue.

For the average home user, the group gasket should be replaced about every six months to a year. When the group gasket is worn out, it becomes hard, and no longer creates a good seal between the portafilter and the grouphead, so you may begin to notice some leaking. When a group gasket is really old, it can be extremely difficult to remove from the machine, so even if you don't experience any leaking, replacing the group gasket on a yearly basis is a good idea. The document attached below shows how to replace both the group gasket and the shower screen on an E61 group espresso machine.

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