Gaggia Magenta Plus: Manual Rinse Cycle

Learn how to complete a manual rinse cycle on the Gaggia Magenta Plus.

During the first installation or after a long period of machine inactivity, a manual rinse cycle must be carried out.

1. Place a container under the coffee dispensing spout, scroll through the different pages and select a “ESPRESSO LUNGO”.


2. Press the "How_to_Complete_a_Manual_Rinse_Cycle_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_1.PNG" button until "How_to_Complete_a_Manual_Rinse_Cycle_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_2.PNG" is selected, without adding pre-ground coffee.


3. Press the Start/Stop button to start dispensing. The machine will dispense hot water.


4. Empty the container and if present remove the classic pannarello from the steam tube.

5. Place the container under the steam wand and select "HOT WATER".

6. Press the Start/Stop button to start dispensing.

7. Empty the container and repeat steps 5 to 7 until the water tank is empty.

8. When finished, refill the water tank to the MAX level. The machine is now ready for use.

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