Gaggia Magenta Plus: Brew Coffee

Learn how to brew coffee with the Gaggia Magenta Plus using both coffee beans and pre-ground coffee. 

Brewing Coffee Using Coffee Beans

Note: Only use coffee beans when making espresso. Do not put any pre-ground, unroasted, freeze-dried or instant coffee in the coffee bean container, as they may damage the machine. You may also preheat your cups with hot water to enjoy a warmer coffee.

1. Upon positioning the espresso tray, place a cup under the coffee dispensing spout, raise or lower the coffee dispensing spout according to the size of the cup you are using. Press the Home button to access the beverage menu.

2. Browse the various pages to find and select the desired coffee.


3. Upon selection of your desired coffee, it is possible to prepare two cups at the same time (besides AMERICANO) using the "How_to_Brew_Coffee_with_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_6.PNG" button.


4. Finally, press the Start/Stop button to start brewing. If necessary, you can interrupt the brewing at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button.


Brewing Coffee Using Pre-ground Coffee

Note: The “pre-ground coffee” function excludes the possibility of brewing two cups of coffee at the same time, as well as the aroma setting. These features are only possible with coffee beans.

1. Use the measuring scoop provided to insert the correct dose in the pre-ground coffee compartment.


2. Lift the lid of the pre-ground coffee compartment and add a little less than one level scoop of pre-ground coffee. Do not insert anything other than pre-ground coffee, as it may damage the machine.

3. Place a cup under the coffee dispensing spout and select the desired beverage.

4. Press the "How_to_Complete_a_Manual_Rinse_Cycle_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_1.PNG" button until "How_to_Complete_a_Manual_Rinse_Cycle_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_2.PNG" is selected.


5. Press the Start/Stop button to start brewing the coffee. If necessary, you can interrupt the brewing at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button.

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