Gaggia Magenta Plus: Replace Water Filter

Learn how to replace a water filter in the Gaggia Magenta Plus.

We recommend using the INTENZA+ water filter to limit limescale formation. This ensures a longer operating life of your machine and a better coffee aroma over time. Water is an essential element in brewing coffee. Therefore, it is extremely important that water is always filtered adequately. The INTENZA+ water filter prevents the formation of mineral deposits, improving the quality of the water.

When the INTENZA+ water filter expires, the warning message shown below will appear on the display.


1. Replacement or deactivation can be executed by pressing the Clean/Set button and then the "SETTINGS" button.

2. Select "WATER FILTER" then press the "How_to_Measure_Water_Hardness_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_5.PNG" button.

3. Select "REPLACE" to change the filter or "DISABLE“ if you do not intend to use the filter. Confirm with the "How_to_Measure_Water_Hardness_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_5.PNG" button.


4. Follow the instructions shown on the display to activate the filter.

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