Gaggia Magenta Plus: Customize and Save Beverage Options

Learn how to customize and save beverage options on the Gaggia Magenta Plus.

This machine allows you to change the settings of a beverage according to your preferences and save them.

1. Press the Home button.

2. Select your beverage.

3. All the settings that can be adjusted and/or selected are displayed on the screen. Based on the type of beverage, you can adjust and/or select:

  • Coffee amount
  • Coffee temperature
  • Brewing two cups at a time
  • Pre-ground coffee use
  • Aroma intensity (only when using coffee beans)


4. Once the “How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_6.PNG" button has been pressed, use the green "How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_7.PNG” and "How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_8.PNG" buttons to select the desired amount. Press "How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_9.PNG” to confirm and return to the previous screen, where the new quantity will be displayed.


5. Press the “How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_10.PNG” button repeatedly to adjust the temperature of the beverage among the following options:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


6. Press the “How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_11.PNG” button to brew two cups or "How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_12.PNG" for a single cup. The picture of the beverage in the center of the display will indicate the number of cups selected. Please note, this function is not available for beverages with milk, AMERICANO and HOT WATER.


7. To change the intensity of the aroma or select the pre-ground, press the “How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_13.PNG" button. You can choose among 5 different degrees of intensity. Every time you press the "How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_13.PNG” button, the aroma strength changes by one degree. The display shows the selected intensity or the selection of the pre-ground. Please be aware that the pre-ground setting allows the brewing of just one coffee at a time.

Very Light How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_14.PNG
Light How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_15.PNG
Normal How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_16.PNG
Strong How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_17.PNG
Very Strong How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_18.PNG
Pre-ground How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_19.PNG

8. Once the beverage has been customized according to your preferences, you can proceed with dispensing it by pressing the Start/Stop button.


9. If you have changed any of the parameters listed above, you will be asked at the end of dispensing if you would like to save the recipe with the changes made.

Note: The new saved settings will overwrite those of the previous recipe. To return to the factory settings of the single recipes, you must re-enter and re-save your setting.

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