Gaggia Magenta Plus: Cleaning and Maintenance Schedule

Learn how often you should clean and maintain different parts of the Gaggia Magenta Plus, such as the steam wand, brew group, and water tank.

Regular cleaning and maintenance keep the machine in perfect condition and ensure perfect coffee flavor, a constant coffee flow and an excellent milk froth. Please refer to the table below to know when and how to clean the removable parts of the machine.

Part Description When to Clean How to Clean
Classic Pannarello After Use Remove the classic pannarello and rinse it under running water.

Disassemble the classic pannarello and the rubber handle. Clean them under running water.

Steam Wand After Use Clean the steam wand with a damp cloth. To clean it more thoroughly, you can unscrew the nozzle and wash it with running water.
Brew Group Weekly

Remove the brew group and clean it under running water.

Depending on Usage See this machine's "How to Clean and Lubricate the Brew Group" article.
Monthly Clean the brew group with the Gaggia coffee oil remover to remove any oily coffee residue.
Drip Tray Full When the red mark appears from the drip tray grid Empty the drip tray and clean it under running water.
Coffee Pucks Container Whenever the machine requires it Empty the coffee pucks container and clean it under running water. Ensure that the machine is switched on during this procedure, otherwise the
coffee pucks container will not reset.
Water Tank Weekly Clean it under running water.
Pre-ground Coffee Compartment/Coffee Outlet Duct Weekly

Clean the upper part using the handle of a spoon, as shown below.


Espresso Tray Depending on Usage

Remove the espresso tray and clean it with running water. You can also dishwash it in the upper tray.


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