Gaggia Magenta Plus: How to Descale

Learn how to descale the Gaggia Magenta Plus, as well as what to do if the descaling process is interrupted.

Descaling Procedure

Descaling needs to be carried out when the machine requires it. Use only Gaggia descaling solution designed to guarantee the machine's excellent performance. The use of different products could damage the machine and leave residue in the water. Failure to descale the machine will void the warranty.

1. If present, remove the classic pannarello.

2. Press Clean/Set and select the "CLEAN" button shown on the display. Select "DESCALING" and after confirming with "How_to_Customize_and_Save_Beverage_Options_on_the_Gaggia_Magenta_Plus_9.PNG" press the Start/Stop button to start.


3. Remove the drip tray and the coffee pucks container, empty and place them all back into the machine.

4. Remove the water tank and empty it. Remove the INTENZA+ filter, if in place.

5. Pour the entire bottle of Gaggia descaling solution into the water tank and fill the tank with water up to the CALC CLEAN level. Reinsert it into the machine.


6. Place a large recipient (1.5I) under the steam tube and the coffee dispensing spout.

7. Follow the instructions shown on the display to launch the descaling procedure. This procedure lasts approximately 25 minutes and consists of a descaling cycle and a rinse cycle, carried out with dispensing at regular intervals.

8. Once the descaling cycle is complete, rinse the water circuit and tank by following the instructions shown on the display.

9. Position the INTENZA+ filter back into the water tank.

Note: If necessary, it is possible to pause and resume the procedure at any time by pressing the Start/Stop button. When the descaling procedure is active, the brew group cannot be removed. Wait for the descaling process to end, then remove the brew group.

What to do if the Descaling Process is Interrupted

You can exit the descaling procedure by keeping the On/Off button on the control panel, pressed for a few seconds. If the descaling procedure is interrupted before its completion, proceed as follows:

1. Empty the water tank and wash it thoroughly.

2. Fill the water tank with running water up to the "CALC CLEAN" level mark, then switch the machine back on. The machine will warm up and perform an automatic rinse cycle.

3. Before preparing any beverages, carry out a manual rinse cycle as described in this machine's "How to Complete a Manual Rinse Cycle" article.

Note: if the procedure has not been completed, it will be necessary to carry out another descaling procedure as soon as possible.

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