Gaggia Magenta Prestige: Error Code Meanings

Learn what the E01, E03, E04, E05, and E14 error codes mean on the Gaggia Magenta Prestige.

Error Code Key

The list below reports the error codes that the display can show, their meanings and how to solve the problem. If the indicated solutions are ineffective because the display continues to show the error code icon and the machine does not return to normal operation, or if other error codes are displayed, please submit a Tech Support Request.


Error Code Problem Cause Possible Solution
01 The coffee grinder is clogged. The coffee outlet duct is clogged. Remove the power cord and remove the brew group. Clean the coffee outlet duct thoroughly using a spoon handle. Switch the appliance back on again.
03-04 A problem occurred in the brew group. The brew group is dirty or not well lubricated. Switch off the machine. Remove the brew group and clean it thoroughly. Refer to this machine's "How to Clean and Lubricate the Brew Group” article.
The brew group is not positioned correctly. Switch off the machine. Remove the brew group and reinsert it. Ensure that the brew group is in the correct position before inserting it. Refer to this machine's “How to Remove and Reinsert the Brew Group” article.
05 A problem occurred in the water circuit. There is air in the water circuit. Remove and reinsert the tank in the machine a couple of times. Make sure you insert the tank correctly in the machine. Check that the water tank seat is clean.
If you use an INTENZA+ filter: pull out the filter from the water tank and shake it to remove the air from the filter. Then place the INTENZA+ filter back into the water tank.
14 The machine is overheated. There may be multiple causes. Switch off the machine and switch it back on again after 30 minutes. Perform this operation 2 or 3 times.
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