Gaggia Magenta Prestige: Remove and Reinsert the Brew Group

Learn how to remove and reinsert the brew group in the Gaggia Magenta Prestige.

Removing the Brew Group

1. Turn off the machine and disconnect the power cord.

2. Remove the drip tray and the coffee pucks container.

3. Open the service door.

4. Press the PUSH lever (1) and pull the handle of the brew group (2) to remove it
from the machine.


5. Remove the coffee residues drawer.


Reinserting the Brew Group

1. Before placing the brew group back into the machine, make sure that the two yellow reference marks on the side match. If this is not the case, perform the following step:


2. Make sure that the lever is in contact with the base of the brew group.


3. Make sure that the yellow locking hook of the brew group is in the right position. To position the hook correctly, push it upwards to the highest possible position.


If the hook is still in the lower position, it means that it is not positioned correctly.


4. Reinsert the coffee residues drawer.

5. Reinsert the brew group into the machine along the side guides until it locks in the right position with a click. Do not press the PUSH lever.

6. Close the service door.

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