Gaggia Magenta Prestige: Adjust Coffee Grind Settings

Learn how to adjust the coffee grind settings on the Gaggia Magenta Prestige using the grinder adjustment knob on the coffee bean container.

The ceramic coffee grinder guarantees a perfect and homogeneous grinding for the preparation of every cup of coffee. The aroma is thus preserved, ensuring the perfect flavor every time. To avoid damages to the coffee grinder, do not rotate the grinder adjustment knob more than one notch at a time.

1. Open the lid of the coffee bean container.

2. Press and turn the grinder adjustment knob placed inside the coffee bean hopper one notch at a time. Use the grinder adjustment key. The reference marks in the coffee bean hopper compartment indicate the grinding setting.


3. You can select from 5 different grinding settings. The smaller the bar, the stronger and richer the coffee.

Note: Use a coarse grind for dark roasted coffee blends and a lighter taste. Use a fine grind for light roasted coffee blends and a stronger taste.

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