Gaggia Magenta Prestige: Clean the Milk Carafe

Learn how to quick clean and deep clean the milk carafe on the Gaggia Magenta Prestige, as well as how to properly clean the milk carafe under running water.

The machine has two programs for cleaning the milk carafe: quick clean and deep clean. Both programs can be selected with the Clean/Set button. Press the “CLEANING” button upon selection. Quick clean is also recommended after dispensing milk-based beverages. For both programs, follow the instructions shown on the display.

  • Quick Clean: The quick clean program includes the milk circuit cleaning with hot water.
  • Deep Clean: The deep clean program of the milk carafe includes the deep cleaning of the whole milk circuit.

Cleaning the Milk Carafe Under Running Water

The milk dispensing spout is composed by 5 components.

  1. Milk Tube
  2. Rubber Holder
  3. Pannarello
  4. Pannarello Connector
  5. Milk Dispensing Spout Housing


Note: You can also wash all components in the dish washer, apart from the milk container.

1. Remove the milk dispensing unit lid.

2. Press the releasing buttons on both sides of the upper part of the milk dispensing unit (1) and pull out the upper part of the milk container (2).

3. Remove the milk dispensing spout from its dispensing unit.

4. To disassemble the dispensing spout:

  • Overturn the milk dispensing unit and hold it firmly in your hand. Pull out the milk tub from the holder.
  • Press the release buttons on the Pannarello and remove the Pannarello from the rubber holder.
  • Pull out the connector from the Pannarello.

5. Wash all components under running water.

6. After cleaning, reassemble all the components by following the same procedure in reverse order.

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