Gaggia Magenta Prestige: Fill, Insert and Remove the Milk Carafe

Learn how to fill, insert, and remove the milk carafe on the Gaggia Magenta Prestige.

Before selecting a milk, frothed milk or coffee-based beverage, make sure that the milk carafe is installed and the milk dispensing spout is open. If the milk carafe is not correctly installed, the milk dispensing spout may spray steam or hot milk.


Filling the Milk Carafe

Note: Before using the milk carafe, clean it thoroughly as described in this machine's “How to Clean the Milk Carafe” article. The milk carafe can be filled before or during use.

1. Lift the milk dispensing unit lid.


2. Pour the milk into the milk carafe: The milk level must be between the minimum (MIN) and the maximum (MAX) level indicators shown on the carafe.


Inserting the Milk Carafe

If installed, remove the water dispensing spout:

1. Press the two side buttons to unlock the dispensing spout and lift it slightly.

2. Pull the water dispensing spout to remove it.


3. Slightly tilt the milk carafe. Insert it all the way into the guides of the machine.

4. Push the carafe downwards while rotating it at the same time until it locks onto the drip tray. Do not force the carafe while inserting it.


Removing the Milk Carafe

Rotate the carafe upwards until it is naturally released from the insert in the drip tray. Then, remove the carafe.

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