Quick Mill Vetrano Design: No Power or Popping GFCI

Troubleshoot lack of power or popping GFCI on the Quick Mill Vetrano.

My Machine Has No Power, Pops GFCI

If your Quick Mill Vetrano Design has no power or is popping a GFCI outlet, there may be a power issue internally, but it may also be caused by your wiring at home. The guide below explains how to diagnose power issues on your machine and how to correct them.

NOTE: Prosumers should be on a dedicated 15 amp circuit that is not being shared with other appliances. By default, the brew boiler should heat first and the steam boiler should heat second.

The Vetrano Design has an option to heat both boilers at the same time. This function can only be used on a dedicated 20 amp circuit. If the GFCI is tripping, make sure the option to heat both boilers at the same time Via the PID controller has not been selected without a dedicated 20 amp circuit to support it. Also make sure the machine is not trying to heat while sharing the circuit with other appliances such as a microwave. This will certainly require far too much draw and will cause a fault.

  • Is the light on in the front of the machine when the power switch is flipped? This green light represents that the machine has power.
    • If the light is not illuminated this could indicate an issue with the outlet, the power cord, or the on switch.
    • Try testing another appliance on the same outlet. Does this appliance have power?
      • If Yes, we recommend having the machine serviced by a tech.
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