How to Resolve Low Steam Pressure on the Quick Mill Vetrano Design

Troubleshoot low steam pressure issues on Quick Mill Vetrano.

Steam Pressure is Low

If the steam pressure on your Quick Mill Vetrano Design is low, or lower than you’d like, it’s possible that you simply need to adjust your PID, the pressure gauge may be stuck, or you may have an issue with a blockage in the steam wand. Read on to learn how to diagnose and resolve the issue. 

Can you trust that the gauge is working and reliable?

  • Does it drop to 0 when the machine is completely cooled?
  • While Steaming?
    • The steam gauge is going to drop from 1.2 to .8 on average, when the steam knob is opened. This is normal.
  • Has the machine had about half an hour or so to fully come to heat?
    • Yes. Move on to the next question.
    • No. Leave the machine on for a full half hour to let it come to temp.
    • Also make sure the switch in the front of the machine behind the drip tray is switched in. It is the switch on the right hand side and it should be pressed in towards the right side of the machine.
  • Try adjusting the PID.
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