Quick Mill Vetrano Design: Parts and Controls Overview

Learn what each part of the Quick Mill Vetrano Design is.

Water and Drain Line Connections

The water line supplied with the machine is 3/8” braided stainless steel and it may vary in length. It will include a 3/8” male flair fitting for you to hook onto. Depending on your water quality, you may want a good water filter to condition your water, which will help with machine longevity. The taste of the coffee is affected by your water.

Water line Adapter

The machine comes equipped with a braided stainless steel water line. Included is a brass adapter that has a 3/8” male flair fitting. You will need to use a 3/8” female flair fitting to hook up to it.

Incoming Water Pressure

Rotary Pump Machines

The Vetrano Design is designed to be used with a water line connection. The pump will work fine off any standard incoming water pressure. The water line can be dropped into a water container, if you like, but you must be careful not to let it run dry as it could damage the pump. Before we ship the machines, we set the brew pressure to 9 Bars at an incoming pressure of 40 PISG. If the incoming pressure is higher than 40 PSIG, the brew pressure may have to be adjusted down; if it is lower, the pressure may have to be adjusted up.

Control descriptions

Control Lever

The lever on the front of the machine controls a valve inside of the brew group and it also controls the pump for brewing. The lever has three positions: raised, mid-level and lowered.

  1. Raised: When in the up position, the pump turns on for brewing and the valve inside the brew group opens and allows water to flow over the coffee.
  2. Mid-Level: This position is only used for coffee pre-infusion. Do not leave the lever in the middle position when the machine is not in use or idle. When the lever is in the middle position, the pump is off but the pressure in the brew group has not been released, so do not remove the portafilter.
  3. Lowered: When the lever is lowered, the pump is off and any water pressure left on the coffee is released and deposited into the drip tray through the tube at the bottom of the brew group. Always set the lever to the down position before removing the portafilter from the brew group.

Main Power Switch

The main power switch is located on the top left side of the front of the machine. When turned on, the Vetrano Design will automatically start heating up and the water level control system will ensure that the steam boiler is full of water. Note: When the main power switch is turned on, the pump may activate for a few seconds, even if the steam boiler is full. 

Steam Pressure Gauge

This pressure gauge shows the pressure inside the steam boiler. The pressure comes set from the factory at 1.3 to 1.4 Bars. This is the proper boiler pressure and there should be no need to make any adjustments. The needle on the pressure gauge will go down during steaming and quickly rise up as the steam boiler heating element is activated.

Brew Pressure Gauge

This pressure gauge displays the current brew pressure.

Steam Knob (Left Side of Machine)

When this knob is turned counter clockwise, the steam valve is opened and high pressure steam will be dispensed through the steam wand.

Hot Water Knob (Right Side of Machine)

When this knob is turned counter clockwise, hot water and some steam will be dispensed through the hot water wand. Note: Exercise caution when using this function; boiling water exiting from the hot water wand can cause severe burns.

Steam Wand

Use this wand for frothing and steaming your milk. The no-burn wand has been insulated to remain cool to the touch.

E61 Brew Group

The brew group will become very hot. Always use caution while working with the machine.

Control Panel with PID Temperature Control

Display functions:

  1. Upon startup, the digital display will show the current brew boiler temperature, minus an offset factor.
  2. The small LED light will blink, as it sends power to the brew boiler. 
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