📹 Quick Mill Arnos: Low Steam Pressure

Troubleshoot low steam pressure on the Quick Mill Arnos.

Low Steam Pressure

If the steam pressure in your Quick Mill Arnos is low, it’s possible that your steam gauge is faulty. Follow the instructions below to determine what’s going on with your machine. 

You need to first determine that you can trust that the pressure gauge is working and reliable.

  • Does it drop to 0 when the machine is completely cooled?
  • While Steaming?
    • The steam gauge is going to drop from 1.2 to .8 on average, when the steam knob is opened. This is normal.
  • Has the machine had about half an hour or so to fully come to heat?
    • Yes. Move on to the next question.
    • No. Leave the machine on for a full half hour to let it come to temp.
    • If your machine has a PID, is the PID set to at least 248 degrees Fahrenheit?
    • Remove steam tip, hold up to the light and inspect for partial blockage from debris, old milk etc. Clean if necessary.
    • Make sure the teflon “no burn” tube that is inside of the steam arm, is not sticking out too far. It can block the holes of the steam tip. You can push this back up into the wand.
    • If your gauge steam is not reaching at least 1 bar, your machine is not generating enough boiler pressure. Usually this means an adjustment needs to be made to the machine. If your machine is an older model, featuring a pressurestat, you can adjust your boiler pressure using the instructions in the video below. If your machine features a PID, you can adjust the temperature setting using the instructions in your user manual.

How To Adjust a Sirai Pressurestat

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