📹 Quick Mill Pippa: How to Brew Better

Learn how to brew better on the Quick Mill Pippa.

Steps to Brew Better Coffee and Espresso

  1. Lock the portafilter into the brew group.
  2. Lift the brew lever all the way up.
    • Aim for 2 to 2.5 oz. in about 25 seconds.
  3. Drink your shot to test.

The big secret to finding the exact flavor you're after is dialing in your grind. For a basic rule-of-thumb, a coarser grind makes for a lighter, fluffier coffee, and a finer grind makes for a more intense, flavorful espresso. Check out the video on the below for more info.

How To: Basic Espresso Technique - Dialing in Grind Size

Brew Ratio and Weights

For more control, you'll want to know about how brew ratios and weighing your shots can help you keep a recipe so you can repeat your favorite results. Brew rations and weighing take all the guesswork out of the process so you always know what you're going to get.

How To: Basic Espresso Technique - Brew Ratios & Weight

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