📹 Quick Mill Pippa: Cleaning and Maintenance

Learn how to take care of Quick Mill Pippa.

Machine Maintenance

Maintenance operations are to be performed with the machine turned OFF and when cold, with the power supply disconnected from the mains. For cleaning do not use any metals or abrasives such as steel wool, wire brushes, needles, etc., as well as corrosive or abrasive detergents. Always use a damp cloth or sponge or one soaked in alcohol.

Daily Maintenance

  • Clean the outer body with a damp cloth or one soaked in alcohol.

  • Clean the spout of the steam nozzle.

  • Clean the spray units and the seals under the casing of the delivery units using the special brush supplied.

  • Check and, if necessary, clean the drain pan.

  • Rinse the filters and the filter holder with hot water and a cloth or sponge. Carefully remove any coffee residues or deposits. 

Periodic cleaning of the machine or after a period of intense use.

In addition to daily cleaning, perform the following operations:

  • Immerse the filters and the filter holder in boiling water for a few minutes to dissolve coffee greases and oils, then use a cloth or a sponge to remove them completely.
  • Clean the water reservoir taking care to reposition the rubber tube with the filter until it touches the bottom of the reservoir (do not use a dishwasher for this).

Extraordinary maintenance

The machine is supplied with a blind filter used to clean the group and the solenoid valve. This operation must be performed at least once a week to remove coffee deposits in the circuit.

  • Remove the filter holder from the group.
  • Remove the filter from the filter holder.
  • Insert the blind filter in the filter holder.
  • Attach the filter holder to the group.
  • Start coffee delivery for approximately 15 seconds, then stop delivery.
  • Repeat the operation described above 10-15 times.
  • Remove the filter holder and the blind filter.

During cleaning operations using the blind filter, boiling water will be discharged into the drain pan. Pay attention to possible splashing water which could exit from the cup rest grille. The procedure for cleaning the group may be performed with the aid of a degreasing product, specific for coffee machines. In this instance, follow the instructions of use for the product to be used.

Cleaning Portafilter and Baskets

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