Bezzera BZ13 Not Heating: High Limit Reset & Heating Element Check

Below we review how to diagnose if the heating element or the high limit are causing your machine to not heat up.

This article is laid out with a quick look at some simple common causes of heating issues, what to expect when you turn on your machine, and then there is a video that shows how to  open up the machine and check both the high limit and the heating element.


Common Causes of not heating and the first things to check:

  1.  Make sure the water reservoir is full.
  2. Verify that the plug that the machine is using has power by plugging in another device.

What to expect:  When you turn on the machine you will see that the power light is illuminated and then you will see three dashes on the PID display as the machine starts to heat.  After about 5 minutes the dashes should turn into a temperature reading. And then in about another 5 minutes you should hear a hiss from coming from inside the machine that will last for about 20 seconds.  Within a few  more minutes the steam pressure gauge should start to rise as the machine continue to heat up.

But if  you  see "dashes" on the PID display that will not go away after 5 minutes, then you most likely have a heating problem with the main boiler.  The brew group may still get hot because it has a separate cartridge style heater so don't let that fool you.   

If you like you can continue on and check the following our yourself or you can send the machine in for repair.


High Limit Reset & Heating Element Check

This video will show you how to open up the bottom of the machine and check both the high limit and the heating element to see if this is the cause of your problem.


Video: High Limit Reset & Heating Element Check



Associated Parts:

  • heating element: BZ-5721128.01AL
  • Heating Element Gasket: BZ-7496040
  • High Limit:  

Warranty Disclaimer: Failure of normal wear and tear items such as group gaskets, seals and shower screens are not covered under warranty.  Issues due to scale build up or lack of maintenance are not covered. Heating element failure due to scale build up are not covered by warranty.


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